wanna win a garland!

wanna win a garland.
a limited edition handmade butterfly garland?
there is only a limited number of
may 2010 "garland of the month" butterfly garland.

leave a comment with a "highlight" of your week.
anything from lilacs to a pay raise to the best latte you ever tasted to a stellar sunset.
comment away and i will draw a winner or two on monday afternoon.
happy friday.



  1. lovely garland- the highlight of my week was my 5 year old girl randomly proclaiming "mom, I love you more than I thought!"

  2. A friend from church made dinner for me and my 2 kiddos, while hubbie is away for 3 weeks in Cambodia. She made enough for a football team, so I don't have to cook all weekend, and will still have a casserole enough to freeze. Not cooking will save my back oodles of pain. Oh, I love thoughtful friends. I love being urged to think of highlights and joys.

  3. The highlight of my week was getting to go to my old mommy group today for the first time since moving back. Nothing like fellowship with women of like faith who looooove food : )

  4. I love my garlands. :)


  5. The highlight of my week Is right now. I'm sitting in my construction zone of a backyard, reading your blog on my iPhone, drinking a beer, watching boy play in dirt, and husband making street tacos on the grill

  6. Oh me, me. I just finished the butterfly curtains in a different colorway.

    Highlight of my week... having my husband be my gardener for Mother's Day weekend

  7. Highlight of my week: Watching my daughter receive Communion for the first time.

    Pick me, lady!

  8. Highlight of my week - realizing that I need to find more highlights. OK raking leaves in the spring sunshine and seeing beautiful tulips.

  9. don't have picked yet because i want a chance to win one of these! a highlight from my week was the gorgeous climbing rose bush i got for mother's day.

  10. Highlight of the week? Camping at Mount Diablo-s'mores galore and a rainbow on Sunday!

  11. Oh my, it looks like I'm just under the wire with my entry. The garland is beautiful! I had a lovely mother's day weekend, but I'll just choose one highlight. Saturday I got to go downtown with my teen daughter Faith. We rarely get to have mother-daughter time in our cute town just doing something fun, ya know? We went to a local coffee place that just started serving frozen yogurt. It was yum and came with chocolate rocks on top. Delish!