a tart. (cherry)

a rustic cherry tart.
(a recipe of sorts)

1. pick cherries.
(we used 3 varieties: coral champagne; burlat and brooks)
2. wash cherries.
(use a colander)
3. have your 8 year old cut cherries in half.
(watch closely and help)

4. cheat with a pie crust.
(buy a trader joes 2 pack)
5. roll out crust.
(on parchment paper)
6. heap cut cherries in the middle of pie crust and liberally sprinkle with sugar.
(we used turbinado sugar because it was closest to where I was standing)
7. pull crust up over edge of cherries and brush with an egg wash.
(sprinkle the crust with sugar for pizazz)

8. Bake at 375 for 45 mins.
(admire often)
9. Slice, plate and share.
(then read "Little House on the Prairie" to your children.
10. Thank God for fresh fruit, warm sunshine and family.
(repeat daily)


  1. Oh Nicole that tart looks amazing!

  2. i wish you lived in canada again....
    (but in ontario with me!)

  3. Looks scrum-diddlee-umptious!

  4. that sounds like a recipe for a fab day. now i just need my neighbor's cherry tree to bear fruit (they let us pick after them!)

  5. Can I share in spmetartgoodness next tome? I'll even bringthecherries!


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