pet love

An overdue photo of Lucy with her sister Waya.

Posing dogs is impossible without dog treats.
Next time.

Preparing for more pets...any guesses?
Thanks Dee for your mad handy-lady skilz.


  1. omg if that is a rolling coop I am so jealous. my question is, how to mix dogs and chickens? mine has caught and dispatched birds before, and is crazy for rabbits. not sure that I'll ever manage an urban farm..

  2. ohhh fun!!! they are adorable but my dogs always have the same expression.

    i'm going to guess chickens too

  3. yep. chickens it is. we will see how lucy will do with them. sadly the chickens will not be able to be free-range. but they will get free range time!

  4. Oh gosh! I'm so excited to see a chicken coop in the making -- I am dying to have chicken here!


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