the penguin

Please send me a penguin soda stream with the glass carafes to review.
I can assure you, I will be pleased, as I have sampled your wares and want my own little penguin to sit on my counter.

Sadly, the price range of the Sodastream Penguin does not fit into the budget of a single income family that subsides on the salary of teacher who lives and teaches deep in the heart of urban California.

I would add freshly picked and squeezed lemons from my tree to make the most delicious lemon soda.
I promise to treat the Penguin with the utmost respect as I strive to make the world a better, happier and fizzier place.

Yours Truly,

PS: If anyone would like to send me a sodastream penguin, I promise I will give you a good review too.

photo via sodastreamusa


  1. Fun and fancy!

    Uh - you have a lemon tree!? So jealous!

  2. oh my goodness- i love this post and i second your review request!


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