lip balm craft fun

For the last craft class for this session we made peppermint lip balm.

Simply melt 1 tbsp beeswax pellets with 2 tbsp of oil (we used a combo of vitamin E, apricot and sunflower oil) and a couple drops of essential oils (we used peppermint)
Pour into molds and let set 1 hour.

While the lip balm was setting we made drop biscuits.

Messy team baking.

Not photographed: strawberry butter.
To eat with biscuits of course.
To make strawberry butter, soften butter and add finely chopped strawberries to taste.
The best treat ever hot biscuits with strawberry butter shoved in the middle.
buttery warm fruity goodness.
Seriously try it!


  1. This is definitely my kind of thing! Lip balm and drop biscuits. Faith and I want to try making lip balm this summer.

  2. love both ideas! at first glance i thought the eggs were in the lip balm...jackson is really excited to try lip balm! thanks for the simple steps! had you made it before?

  3. Oooo, I like this, both the balm and biscuits, my mouth is watering over the butter idea too, mmmmmm.


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