edible forest

Look at the garden love.
Today I stopped by to borrow a book from a friend who has an urban edible forest in her backyard.
Look at the bounty she sent home with me.
Sweet peas...the scent in the house is heavenly .
Swiss chard, collards, fava beans, lettuce, endive and hand picked eggs
(collected by jude).
Plus a couple sets of seedlings and a ton of inspiration.
I want to have people stop by and be able to send them home with such practical locally grown love.
Thank you friend, for the love and the garden goodies.
I said I wanted to see how locally we could eat for the month of May, but May snuck up on me and I am totally unprepared, with the exception of the above goodness.
So I will alter my plan, now the local month will be
May 10th- June 10th...
as local or as California as I can...
with the exception of coffee, tea, and chocolate.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmm, those look fantastic - what a good friend

  2. Oh the bounty, just like stopping by the farmer's market! I always want to grow sweet peas but I never do.

  3. beautiful photo. happy spring to you too...

  4. that is beautiful!!! and yes, so inspiring! little bit by little bit!


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