documentaries you ought to see

It is no secret I like documentaries...
and good reality TV...like "Biggest Loser", "Amazing Race", "Top Chef" and "Project Runway"...you know, real reality!!
Give me a true story movie over some fantasy movie any day.
In the past week I have watched these 3 docs.

I would highly recommend "Babies", I happened to be walking by a theatre last Friday with a good friend just as this movie was starting so we stopped to watch it and both agreed it was great and would love to take our own children to see it.
This movie could hit home from time to time if you are a mother.
The underlining message for me was that babies are the same worldwide, and mothers try to do the best they can worldwide and sometimes you have to jump on the back of a motorcycle right after childbirth.

"Food Inc" has had a lot of media hype, and for good reason.
Be prepared to take a fresh look at how you eat, where you buy your food and what is really going on in the world of big agriculture.
Many topics discussed I already knew about...the movie was preach'n to this choir if you know what I mean.
Of course, the flick makes me want to pack up my family and live a sustainable life on a farm, complete with a dairy cow, grain field and thriving orchard.
I am a dreamer.
Last night, while the boys played poker, I watched "No Impact Man", another example of media flurry.
This dude, Colin Beaven takes his family on a wild ride of eliminating the "extras" in their life and reducing their carbon footprint to as little as possible.
I had read the blog a few times and seen several interviews but I wanted to see the documentary.
The whole project was interesting, a true challenge however I would have liked to seen more...like how did his wife really react to having her cosmetics packed up, did they lose friends, what happened when the temperatures dropped way below zero in NYC.
Overall, I thought the concept/flick/blog was an opportunity to take a good look at my own consumption and make the appropriate changes...which I think was Mr. Beaven's point.

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  1. We have a friend who is a filemaker and her baby has a short during the beginning of the film. I can't wait to see it!

  2. i've heard great things about 'babies' tool

  3. Loved "Babies." You HAVE to see "Who Does She Think She Is?" www.whodoesshethinksheis.net

    I, too, love docs.

    Also, check out "Beautiful Losers." I really liked it.

  4. I just saw Babies today and I adored it. I thought it was funny how there was no narration just babies and I was endlessly entertained. I was the only one laughing in the theatre when the babies were throwing tantrums. So dang cute.

  5. looking forward to seeing babies! was (still am) so happy for the Food Inc hype! we as a nation need to hear that kind of message! if i didn't need to be around people so much we would totally move to a farm and live off the land! i didn't realize no impact man made a film (of course he did!) i followed his blog for a while - really impressive! it particularly increased my awareness for the huge number of disposable food containers i have the opportunity to use.
    great post!


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