stamp making

For many years I have made my own rubber stamps on & off again. Self taught.
I would definitely create more (of any craft) if I didn't need to unload 17 items, like 3 guitar cases, 1 exercise ball, 4 rubbermaid totes and so on to reach the box of speedball/rubber stamp paraphernalia in the closet in Jude's room, but thus is life in 1000 square feet.
Oh and life with way too much crafting junk.
I need a studio, and while I am dreaming I'll take a potager, pond and wrap around porch.

This week I started kids craft class again, this time with 1/2 the number of students and for a shortened period of time.
I want the students to learn new skills and avoid sending home oodles of crapola.

Negative and positive space can be a tricky concept but it is amazing to see how each student could master the idea.
Yes, I let each of them use sharp tools but I did teach them how to vary the pressure, carve away from one's body and to keep fingers out of the way.

Rubber stamps/block prints/ speedball is one of my favorite crafts.
To see a master at work check out Geninne's tutorial...she is a true inspiration and she loves birds.


  1. ohhhh, i want to do this. i remember doing it back in middle school and loving it.

    great memories.

  2. I love the pennant or flag like one....so awesome!! I want! :)

  3. Fun craft...and brave use of sharp objects! I little while ago I could have used this skill--I needed a heart-shaped stamp and didn't have one, so I carved one out of a potato. It worked, but was not nearly as lovely as your creations!

  4. Very cool. I can't believe I've never tried this.

  5. how cool is this? i have never made a stamp and now i so want to. . .great, now i have another crafty itch for jesse to laugh at.

    very cool art class activity too.

  6. Nicole,

    I appreciate your comment about not having the kids bring home a bunch of crapola! Something that I have learned from my own kids experience and that more is not always better. Perhaps not all your projects need to be a one day process-but something that requires multiple class days, i.e. a sewn doll or a mini quilt. Parents are always impressed with art that takes a lot of effort-and it keeps some of the clutter down. Just a thought!

  7. waaaa?!!! i love this! sigh. not that i need another craft to fill the craft studio i don't have, but wow. the possibilities are endless. i have one hand carved stamp that i had made for me by a street vendor in Malawi. it was mere pennies and for the life i could not think of what to have him carve! i ended up with a beautiful tree and ps.1:3
    i treasure it.
    thank you for posting!


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