other goodies

So, I have an uber talented handy dad.
He makes all sorts of lovely carved carousel horses, figurines and the such.
So, I placed a request for a holder for my ever growing washi tape collection.
I love it.
The perfect color of green.

I also requested a holder for our ever growing magnifying glass collection.
Random I know but awhile ago I spotted something similar at a curiosity shoppe and knew I *needed* one for our magnifying glasses.
So, I asked my dad and he created one for me.
Isn't my dad swell?
Thanks dad.


  1. Super Swell! Does your dad have an etsy shop? :)

  2. Hmm...I think I should go visit good old Charlie and Marilyn!

  3. my dad did stuff like that too - what a great dad you have.

  4. Never was any doubt about that man's talent! g

  5. Holy collection! I wish I had that much and a handy dad to go with it.

  6. I really dig that tape-dispensing box! So simple and so stylish. I don't have a tape collection (yet!), but this would work for my ribbon collection for sure. Great DIY inspiration -- thank you! :)


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