home sweet home

home sweet home.
there is nothing like coming home after a time away.
we had a great road trip...made lots of stops to and from our destination (my folks).
we hoped to be home yesterday but decided to take a last minute detour to crater lake.
we arrived home mid-afternoon which was fantastic.
laundry conquered, suitcases unpacked, mail sorted, mini meals prepared, google readers read and thanks to dvr missed shows watched.
oh, and silver polished! but more on that later.
the total bummer is our mac is not functioning properly and i uploaded most of the road trip photos on it...road trip blog posts will need to wait another day or two.
oh, today is my 3rd blog anniversary.
how did that happen?
life is funny that way.


  1. Glad you got home safe and sound - can't wait to see your pictures! :)

  2. happy blogaversary & happy birthday eve!

  3. happy anniversary. and you are amazing for getting all of that done already. glad your trip was great.

  4. Hello Nicole,

    Sending Happy Birthday wishes your way today!


    Laura (VP)


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