fri-mon recap

On Friday, some of of us stole away for a day up in the country.

An adventure with grandparents, including lunch in the wine country, afternoon gelato treats and a painful trip to a candy store.

Other weekend activities included a 5K road race with cousins, in which Delia ran about 4 of the 5K; bidding farewell to Nan & Papoo;swimming; Saturday soccer; afternoon matinee of "How to Train Your Dragon" (the best animated movie EVER); dinner with cousins; after-church lunch with more cousins; a trip to the apple store (AGAIN); hiking with Lucy; helping a friend pack up her kitchen and an outing to SF.

Dinner in the city...our old friend (not age just time) and Jude's new friend...Lane.

Seriously, Fog City Diner was amazing...if you are in the area you should go....super tasty and not kitschy.


  1. what a full weekend. sounds fun!

  2. Had a REALLY great time Nicole, it was great to see you and your awesome family!!!

  3. How is a trip to the candy store painful??

  4. I agree...I avoid candy stores at all cost if Caleb is with me! And a recent trip with him to the dentist confirmed my avoidance techniques!


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