for the love of liam and because of delia...sorta

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my favorite letterpress company is satsuma press.
satsuma press is not just a company but a mom, family and more importantly a family with a son they love, and because of love for liam and to foster his independence they need a bathroom reno...and the funds to make this renovation happen.
it is time to help, if you feel led to.
i ask this here on my blog not because i know liam or his mom lynn or his family...
because i do not know them, 
but what i do know is that the world is full of people 
with big hearts,
 praying hearts 
and generous hearts.  
way back when...
when delia was born profoundly deaf we had no money for hearing aids.
in our grief, in our stunned ignorance and in the early months of her infancy people far and wide rallied around us and within days we had the funds for hearing aids.
God heard the cry of our hearts,
family, friends and strangers donated money,
we felt love, we knew love and in those moments the world seemed small.
we were and are grateful.
as for delia, she didn't need hearing aids for too long because she underwent surgery to receive a cochlear implant and thus the miracle of bionic hearing began...
but that is a post for another day.
you can read a bit of it here and here and hear (so punny, i know.)

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