book love and bellyaches

i've been reading.
lots of reading lately.
fiction and non fiction.
i am going to highlight a couple non-fiction delights.
if you have a craft business or want to have one, if you are inspired by the handmade and wonder if it the road you want to walk down, then pick up this book and read it.
the advice is stellar and the collective of artisans is superb.
i am a crafter, dreamer and procrastinator 
so this book really got me thinking, dreaming and hoping.

the other book you should read is 
locavorism is something i have been interested in and semi-practicing for several years now and i hope to go "total local" for the month of may.
a lot of the information was familiar to me, but i live in the sf bay area where the locavaore school of thought is vogue.
but this book is a great starting point.  chock full of practical information about how to get started...where to find csa's, farmers markets and why it is important to support local businesses...also wonderful helpful hints about how to cook seasonally.
if you are wondering how you can make a change and eat seasonally, then hightail it to your local bookstore and pick up this book.

on to bellyaching...
our mac is having serious issues and it seems yet another day will pass by without being able to retrieve my vacation photos.
also, it appears that cursed iritis is rearing it's ugly head.
my coping skills are at an all time low.


  1. Oh no! I will be praying for you regarding the iritis.

  2. The Locavore sounds pretty interesting. I try to do that to here as well, but usually just the spring summer time when I can go to the local outdoor market to buy food that is actually directly from my city.

  3. oh no honey - tie a rope and hang on. i hope the mac feels better soon. pat it and tell it that you love it.

    i would like to be more of a locavore.

  4. Oh yikes, my gramma just had a miserable case of iritis! Get well soon!

  5. oh that sounds awful. hope it gets better soon. the handmade marketplace sound super interesting (working on my etsy shoppe right now. . .) our area has a great locavore culture - it sure helps.


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