today is my 38th birthday.
yep, it is true.
at 38 i am the same as i was yesterday at 37.
not wiser, not thinner, not smarter.
still a bit pudgy around the middle with greying temples and laugh lines.
this is a great age.
a wonderful age.
an age in which i can do many things...like touch my toes, bake bread from scratch, complete multiple pushups & jumping jacks, train a dog, hike a mountain, send a text message and so on.
you get the idea.
today was a strange birthday.
a day just like any other except i was low on groceries and wanted to sleep in.
the day started with birthday card love (madly made at the kitchen table at 7:45 am) and the promise of a spa massage.
followed by soccer mom duties, a quick run for milk & bread, a visit from my mil (and the chance to pamper myself with a mani/pedi), "barn-raising" with my favorite sil/bil & fam, and followed by a shared meal of sushi.
a good day.
a regular day.
a birthday.
hello 38...let's have a year of adventure.


  1. wonderful post. i like your outlook and look forward to my 30s. although, i'm going to soak in every second of being in my 20s. happy birthday, friend.

  2. Happy Birthday Nicole! Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. :)

  3. Happy belated! hope the massage was great!

  4. happy happy belated birthday!


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