weekend love

have you ever had one of those unplanned weekends, where all the details fall into place and the weekend turns in to a memorable delight?
we had one of those marvelous weekends.
a dinner out on the town with a cousin on friday, complete with dream cake and ice cream...fattening and heavenly.
on saturday morning we kicked around, exercising, completing chores and contemplating what to do with the rest of the day.
finally, we decided to take in a circus...spending the last of the christmas money.
cirque du soleil to be exact.
oh, the charm and joy of the make believe world of bugs...
did i mention our craigslist discounted seats were in the front row?
a life to-do list item completed.
after the show we sought out and found a japanese bookstore/market and broke the spending hiatus on a few treats...see above.
washi tape. fancy erasers. mushrooms treats...and so on.
pokemon origami and noodles (not pictured).
a wonderful family day.
on Sunday, our oops-we-forgot-to-spring-forward-scramble to church day, was followed by a sunny sunday afternoon with family and friends at the sil/bil's.
food, fun and sunshine and it is only mid march.
i love great weekends like this...the unplanned glorious stress-free weekends.
what did you do this weekend?

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  1. Honestly? Cirque de soleil? I am green.....g


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