spy party recap

the secret agents ready to accomplish the mission.

spy id with finger print and a word search to find the first clue.

yep, stealthily running across the street to find the next clue.

aha, score.
time to use those notebooks to keep track of the clues.

in action.
in disguise.
the secret agents were actually a loud band of kids running around the block but...

spy dad.

hoisting a fellow spy up to locate another clue.
team work to accomplish the mission.

secret agent dog.


to obtain a clue the secret agents had to "do spy things" to mission impossible music while making a video...this blurry action shot is the clue in action.

something's gotta give...i bought a cake from whole foods.

the 8 year old secret agent ktebi.
next year we are having a low key party...cake and balloons...that's it!
do you believe me?
nope...i am a big fat liar... i love parties.


  1. ok, you DO know you could have your party planning business, right?

  2. So cute! What a fantastic day you put together for your little man.

  3. What fun! Happy birthday Jude, March birthdays are awesome. ;)

  4. you have to be the coolest mom ever - love this idea. so cute.

  5. seriously! the coolest mom. my kids have yet to have a real party...i outdid myself for the one-year party, four years ago. how long does it take you to plan this kind of event!? i was actually relieved to see that you bought the cake!
    and do you have a party budget? i think i won't get away with another year and no party. this is so creative, so special. i love it and i am sure the kids did too!
    happy birthday to jude!


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