i want to be a shredhead.
i am trying.
today was day 1 of jillian's 30 day shred.
i want to be shredded.
my body is strong but my mind is weak.
a 20 minute intense shred workout left my legs feeling like jelly but i am committed.
look out march...i'm gettin' shredded.
wanna join me...and others.
check out shredheads.
i even took before photos...not good.
i'll post them in 30 days.
let's do it together!


  1. Ha ha mamacita. Join the club! The sweating, panting and wanting to drop dead club! HA! :)

  2. Thank you for my bakers twine, and the cute flash cards are adorable.! poppin some moolah in the snail mail lady!!! thank you so much! xoxox kisses on both cheeks!


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