seeds on the brain

I have seeds, dirt and gardening on the brain.
I can't decide however where I should add a couple raised beds.
Last year Lucy, the dog ate all my tomatoes and I said I was through with vegetable gardening but here I am with the hankering.
I do grow flowers and the such year round...because I live in wonderful California!
I have gathered seed packet inspiration for around the web.
Be inspired.

Lovely art packs from the Hudson Valley Seed Library.
I know I have said it before and I will say it again,
I want land, lots of land, okay not really, just an acre or so to grow my own food, raise chickens, keep bees and have a small orchard.
Okay, now I want a field of wildflowers, so I will need another 1/2 acre, or so.
kitazawa seed company...a lot of great seed offerings.
Found via fork&bottle

Seed Packet art work, which can be framed from seedart.
There are many great resources for making your own seed packets, just google.

I really do judge a seed packet by it's cover...like a book.
Renee's Garden is an all time favorite of mine.
I love the illustrations but the seeds are stellar too.

Botanical Interests is another all time fav.
There are many terrific seed savers out there, like
The victory garden site is a great resource as is yougrowgirl.

I will leave with these charming seed packets...from the balcony gardener.
doesn't it make you want to go grow something.
Be inspired.
Dig in the dirt.
please note all photos are from respective websites.
this is not a paid review simply for interest sake.


  1. Me too! As I sorted through my seeds-on-hand last night (and created a nerdy seed inventory spreadsheet) I was thinking that framed seed packets could be fun art...if only I had more wall space!
    Am going to start my first seeds this week! Can't wait!

  2. these are beautiful!! thank you for the inspiration! sadly, i won't have any dirt to dig into for another month or two...frozen with at least a foot of snow.
    until then i will check out some new seed sites!

  3. i wish i had a greener thumb. but i could love to play with all the seed packets - they are works of art.


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