secret agent man

pre-party info.
today is jude's 8th birthday party and if you have read this blog in the past year you know we like big celebrations...if you are a new read check out this party and this party to get an idea!
this year i was hoping for a "go take a hike" party for jude but he wanted a pokemon party so we settled on a "secret agent/spy " party.
the top secret invites went out last week and the mission is in about 1 hour.

the secret agent id badges are ready..there will be alias and fingerprinting.
the kids (8 in all) will then head out to accomplish a secret mission in which they must roam a block radius to find letter clues in order to open a padlock.
john and i collaborated on the clues...it should be rock'n
more details later.

i even made mustache disguises.
mustache on a stick...very vogue you know.
basically i cut out mustache shapes out of felt and hot glued them to long lollipop sticks. not quite the caliber of "somethings hiding there".
very secret agent.
here is my secret agent boy.
let's party!


  1. happy birthday, super secret agent jude! (march 4th AND march 5th!) i love you!!

    ~ molly

  2. i love it! (and your past parties are awesome). we are in party planning mode and i am feeling inspired.

  3. Very cool idea! Happy birthday Judah!!

  4. Love it! I'm going to have to start keeping a list of birthday party ideas for out little guy later on. I'm partial to anything that can be done in our backyard.

  5. Happy birthday to Jude - eight already?!?! g

  6. this is so completely clever and adorable! looks like so much fun!


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