pasta... homemade debut

this weekend my pal, karen and i made pasta.
a first for me.
we intended to use a pasta maker but it busted within the first 2 mins
so we went old school
and made pasta by hand.

semolina and flour.
eggs and olive oil.
we tried 2 different recipes.

we kneaded.

we rolled...a lot of arm work.
i got a blister from the rolling pin.
my form is off, obviously.

we cut freehand with a pizza cutter.

we dusted with flour.
we tested a small batch.

we ate.
later in the day, i cooked my pasta
with fresh italian sausage and creamed swiss chard.
super delish.
i am definitely making pasta again.
perhaps even this week.
recipe via joythebaker


  1. Yummers! I remember making pasta with my Mom and having it draped over every open cupboard in the kitchen, quite a site.

  2. awesome!the photos are lovely! i have been contemplating making pasta lately. this was inspiring!

  3. Mmmm, looks delicious! I want to do this some day but am just about to start making my own bread....I am a work in progress;-)

  4. That is Don and my favourite meal to make. Hand making foods like that is so much fun and more of a bonding experience than just buying them from a store....not too mention far better tasting.
    Those photos are making me crave some Italian food in a huge way. xo
    (Time to get out our pasta cutter/press. I am a lazy butt, so we cheat a little.)

  5. Your blog always makes me SO hungry ^_^


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