kitchen tools

do you have favorite tools in the kitchen?
here are a few of my fav's...ironically most of them were gifts to me.

heart shaped tea strainer, batter bowl, apple spreader, ceramic knife, wooden whisk, micro-planer, wooden spatula, bamboo pot scraper and a bamboo cutting board.
what are your favorite kitchen tools?


  1. Once upon a time my favorite kitchen tool was my immersion blender, but it gave up the ghost. Right now I'm great friends with a cute little paring knife with a friendly "whoop" in the blade - especially handy since I have to take the skins off of apples since they cause problems for Luke! Knife that fits just perfectly in your hand is a fabulous thing!

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous! - I have a very dear colander that I would stick to until the end of times haha!

  3. - my yellow enamel/cast iron pan: I use this every single day
    - my gas stove, if that counts!
    - my two knives from the dollar store which are super sharp and super multifunctional
    - my green spatula!

  4. beautiful toys/tools!
    -blue enameled cast iron pot/dutch oven(wedding gift)
    -cast iron fry pan (found in the free bin at a garage sale)
    -pampered chef large server
    -pampered chef mix and scraper
    -pampered chef citrus press
    -pampered chef food chopper
    -pampered chef food scraper
    which is why i now sell pampered chef.


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