join me

join me.
jamie oliver (my british boyfriend) has a food revolution...
won't you join in?
i beg of you.
formspring is the new twitter around the web.
really...i will answer!
maybe you will join too?
i am a joiner.

i joined and am playing along.
my spending is on hiatus...although i was tempted today.
but i resisted.
that's me...on day 9.
come shred with me.
what are you joining?


  1. is that a tiny little nest? so very sweet. what is a food revolution. i am to begin the "happiness project." i can't wait to dive in.

  2. something is wonky with my post.

  3. LOVE Jamie Oliver!!! He is really inspiring from his cooking school to his work in transforming school lunch programs. I love the cookbook Jamie's Food Revolution! Super excited to see his new show!

  4. I love Jaimie Oliver and I love what he's done in the UK revamping their school lunch programs.

  5. i heart jamie oliver too! thanks for the link - just joined! nothing like touring schools to make me fired up about what those growing bodies are fed! yikes!
    seriously, when we gave up our television, he was what i missed. miss.


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