homemade marshmallows

boiling sugar and such.
my candy thermometer wouldn't work.

whipped sugar/gelatin mixture.

said mixture poured into a powdered sugar lined dish.

a couple hours later we cut the mixture into cubes and doused them with more powdered sugar.

tasty yet sticky treats.
i rarely allow the kids to eat marshmallows so this was a real treat.
a huge mess though.
sticky, tacky sugary mess.
i found the recipe in "jar it, pickle it, cure it"
a great cookbook for the collection.
we also made peanut butter cups...another messy yet tasty treat.


  1. Cool, I've always wanted to try making them. But for some reason I'm not a marshmallow fan. I'll get to it one day.

  2. are they good? the kids are allowed the mini ones in their hot chocolate. maybe i'll try to make them. as always, you inspire....

  3. my nieces favorite treats - homemade ones are so cute but i think you confirmed they are too much trouble. LOL

  4. Mmmm, my mom used to make those when I was really little. I remember standing in the kitchen at our old house when I was 3 or younger, and she handed me one that she had just freshly covered in warm toasted coconut. I've loved toasted coconut ever since. Thanks for reminding me of that memory!


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