happy bunting!

you know those last minute yet brilliant crafting projects.
the ideas but no time but squeeze it in anyhow craft projects?
for quite some time i wanted a fabric bunting for...you know celebrations!
somehow jude's b-day snuck up on me and last evening at 6 pm i decided (moments before date night) that i ought to make a bunting from my fabric stash for jude's birthday and party (friday).

i quickly sorted fabric, madly cut triangles with my horrible-terrible-no-good-very-bad rotary blade until it was time to go out.
today during a break at the library (where i volunteer) i put the pieces back to back.

although my to-do list for this afternoon is impossibly long, i thought i must have bunting...yes i must...i mean i am the self proclaimed queen of garland...
i have a club you know!
so, putting off, ahem delaying, folding laundry, shredding fat, prepping craft class (mostly done), making mustaches (for the b-day party tomorrow) and picking up donuts (to take into school), i decided to sew bunting.

if i had a serger i would have serged and if time was on my side i would have pinked the edges (perhaps before the next celebration) but not too bad for last minute and using what i had on hand...scary to think i have all this on hand.
actually my crafting stash is a bit out of control but you never know when the urge and time to craft might hit and it's better to be prepared...
i'm off to pick up donuts, dash to the school, celebrate jude's birth with his classmates, pick up kids, have craft class (super cool freezer paper projects), clean up after said class and then decide what to do for dinner.


  1. you are HILARIOUS.

    (very nice bunting i might add)

  2. eek!! that's a lot to get done. but it sounds so great.

    have fun!

  3. Good golly, you must be pumped on coffee!

  4. nope not coffee just the adrenalin of last minute!

  5. Girl, I love that gnome and bird print! Too cute!!!

  6. cute. yes having a club kinda make sit necessary - or so you can tell yourself. happy birth of your son day!

  7. Ok, I was expecting a baby bag....you know, a bunting bag? At least in Canada we call 'em that, remember? Then I saw the beautiful finished project, went to wikpedia and saw that BUNTING has several different meanings. You make me laugh. But you just gave me a good idea for all the stash of fabric I have because you inspire me, and it sits here.....Can one sew standing up?


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