do you know what this is?
it is a somewhat exploded carboy.
earlier today, i came home after a morning out andwhen i entered my home, my first thought was, "wow, it smells like a bakery in here."
then i stopped and realized i had not baked.
i closed the door, peered into the kitchen and discovered that the latest batch of beer, my beloved beer-master hubby made, had indeed escaped (partially) the carboy.
beer oozing across the floor, spray from semi-explosion spread across the kitchen, up walls, on cupboard doors and so on and so on.
let me clarify, not just liquid, but chunky hoppy bits and yeasty sugar liquid.
basically a mess.
not a mess to be ignored.
quickly, i called said beer master at work (he is a teacher with a so-called prep period) to demand he come home, but alas the man was playing basketball and i could not reach him...so i did the next best thing.
i fired off an email to him explaining the situation and declaring my dutiful wife stance.
of course, i spent the next 30 minutes or so cleaning, mopping and wiping up the mess.
let it be said that i am in no way diss'n my husband, it really wasn't his fault the beer wanted to escape the carboy but he was the man who made the beer and placed it under my table in my kitchen and he was also the man unable to clean up the mess, so...
on a related note, the sermon at church yesterday was about patience.
coincidence, i think not.
lesson to be learned i think so.
somedays you just need to throw your hands up in the air,
yell "grr!",
say a prayer
and calmly carry on.


  1. Oh no! I guess the important question to ask is,

    Did you save the beer?

  2. the beer was saved, and the marriage stands strong!

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  4. Thanks for the laugh Nicole. It reminds me of when I left pop in my car in below zero weather. Contrary to my mistaken belief, pop does not have enough sugar in it to avoid freezing.

  5. I once had a few bottles blow up in my closet. Fortunately they were tucked back in the back of a shelf and the only casualties were shoes. I guess I should pay more attention, because I had no idea we have brewmaster hubbies in common.

  6. Just keep us posted on what thoughtful gesture John does for you for a little pay back...

  7. My goodness, you saved the beer AND the marriage! That proves it: you are superwoman. I bow to you.


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