food and budgets and all that jazz

all that jazz.
remember when i started keeping an eye on our monthly food budget.
in february the total cost was under $400 but this month we are rockin' just over $500.

which i think is still pretty amazing for a family of four...including eating out.
we also entertained about 6 times in the month of march.
we still ate so well.
yakisoba, veggie fried rice, savory bread pudding, baked french toast, roast, spaghetti, sweet potato burritos, turkey meatloaf, grilled sausages, big salads, chicken salad sandwiches, pumpkin muffins, granola and so on and so on...you get the idea.

there were mostly hits and a couple misses but overall our/MY desire to eat minimally processed food, less meat, more plants, mostly organic and local was attained.
just goes to show you can eat well with a tight budget.
i am aiming to keep april's budget under $430, but we are going on a road trip so...
a quick shred update:
today is march 31...which should be day 31 of the 30 day shred but it is only day 24 of the 30 day shred...hmm....doesn't look so good does it?
well, i am not despairing...there is still time to shred today and the point is to get my body moving and to make exercise part of my daily life.
mission accomplished.
my current plan is to continue shredding but not every day.
i did not lose weight really but i can feel a difference in how my clothes are fitting.
this is good, right?


  1. that is great about the clothes - i think that is the real thing. great job.

  2. good job on your budget! we're doing the same thing so i can relate to the roller coaster of it all... feels good to know exactly where our money is going though... as always- thoroughly enjoying your pictures, artistry, and wit.. ;)

  3. You are so organized... I need to get myself a bit more organized with the money... have a great weekend!


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