I know this pantry has made the blog rounds but it is so lovely and enviable.
It just might be my dream pantry.
I had a somewhat lousy week with way to much crappy stuff going on, I've been anxious, irritated, frustrated and not the best me I could be.
Sure there were highlights like, macarons, a double date, a inspiring hour at the bookstore but mostly I am complaining about the week.
The weekend will be better...I am sure of it.
Trouble...stay back.
Joy, step forward.

emersonmade house tour over at design*sponge
photo from said website.


  1. Mmmm that's such a blissful space!

  2. wow - i can't imagine having a house big enough for a pantry like that. LOL

    yay for joy!

  3. That pantry is incredible. I have a lot of my bulk ingredients in glass jars, but my shelves are deep, so most of them are hidden. I would love some shallow shelves somewhere to showcase all the different ingredients. This is great.

  4. um, a. awesome-i am envious!!!
    b. let's hang out soon- next week perhaps?
    c. i like that- "joy, step forward"
    d. i love my garland of the month club. i gifted this months to my sister and she LOVED it.

  5. with you, girl. both on the pantry and praying forth Joy. He is near.

  6. love that pantry!
    sorry to hear that your week was a hard one. I was in a similar mood...just been a rough week.
    Here's to the weekend! Cheers!

  7. Of course the weekend will be great! We get to hang out and watch our boys boot a soccer ball around! yay!


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