Yesterday was glorious spring day in the SF bay area.
A perfect day to ditch school.
photo: Molly & Delia
In reality, Delia would have ditched school if it was a crummy weather day too.
Molly was in town and therefore it was party time.

A day in the city.
Breakfast at my favorite eatery, Tartine.
photo: what I didn't eat!

Yes, my daughter ate chocolate pudding for a late morning meal,
don't worry she had ice cream for an afternoon snack to help balance it out!
photo: breakfast + not pictured lattes

A quick stop at the pirate store (photo: my little pirate is digging for treasure), a couple curiosity shops, the ferry building and then the rest of the day was spent with Jude.
I love when friends come to visit.
I love having a chance to ditch regular life and head to the city.
I love treats.
Don't you?


  1. i want to spend a day in your city! maybe someday. and yes, i love treats.

  2. yes, yes and yes -i love treats

  3. A pirate store? oooh - I wanna do too!
    I haven't been to tartine in months...

  4. looks like a fun girls day... have a nice week!

  5. I am convinced that San Francisco should be on my list of places to visit. Although from Ohio, that's practically like visiting another country.

  6. next time i want to meet molly!!


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