a day of homeschool

it's friday.
a long, long week, a son with a sore throat and a tired mom.
the decision to stay at home was made.
not in vain...turned into a homeschool day.
first topic...math...in specific the book
which is a terrific book with great number vocab and focus on exponents.

we read together, had a mini spelling test, wrote out vocabulary
and had a deep discussion about googol vs google.
shaping up to be a great day.
as i write, jude is building snap circuits and delia is reacting "little house on the prairie" (from the book not the tv show).
next up, a creative writing assignment followed by making of homemade marshmellows!


  1. Delia should use Prairie Talk TV as part of her research. Just a thought.


  2. Oh neat, that book looks really great!

  3. I am so glad that the family tradition of reenacting "Little House on the Prairie" aka "Olden Days" still continues.



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