craft tools

Last week I posted about my favorite kitchen tools.
This week favorite craft tools.
In reality there are far too many favorite tools in my craft world.
3 obvious and not photographed tools are:
my hands
my camera (Nikon D70)
my sewing machine (Bernie on loan from Dee)

Above tools:
bakers twine, embroidery scissors, vintage fine tipped scissors, washi tape, colorful card stock, foam paint brush, needle nose pliers, pencil sharpener, kneadable eraser, thread, pencil, sharpie, fine point blank ink pen, stitch ripper, knife and martha's glitter glue.

Don't get me wrong my craft cupboard is full of wonderful, useful , handy crafting implements...you name the craft and I am likely to have tools and supplies to create said craft.
Oh, so sad but oh, so fun!
what are your favorite craft tools?


  1. love this- what a great post of your craft supplies!

  2. Bakers twine always makes me think of that scene in Bridget Jones' Diary when she uses the blue string and her meal turns out all blue ^_^

  3. I love the basics-scissors and Elmers, but also my cheapy hot glue gun. Girl, when are we going to get together for crafting fun?!

  4. question about the Washi tape. I love it. I see it and always think about buying some but then - I can't figure out what I would actually use it for.
    What do you use it for?


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