craft class recap round 3

this week the project for craft class was freezer paper stencils on t-shirts.
i know there are about 18 million tutorials out there for freezer paper but the one i look to is from "the creative family" book by amanda soule.
great book by the by.
the gist of the project is to create (or copy) a simple design, trace it onto the dull side freezer paper and cut out the negative space.

rather than having the children trace designs i had them draw a simple shape.
turns out the drawing of a basic shape was a challenge for most of them...negative space is a difficult concept too.
kids are into drawing details...if it is a bird they add oodles of feathers, if it is a skull they add a lot of teeth details.
i wanted the design to be simple and thus successful.

after the design was drawn on freezer paper, we ironed (yes i let kids iron with supervision of course) the shiny side of the freezer paper to the tee shirt.
ta-da a stencil.
the tip is to be sure to place an additional piece of paper between the shirt layers to protect the tee from oozing paint.

the next step was to add fabric paint.
the t-shirts were bright colors and so was the paint.
i steered away from black...they are kids and color=happiness after all!

once they had completed a t-shirt they moved on to adding a design to a white napkin (not pictured).
the kids had a great time. more importantly they went home with a sense of accomplishment and a functional craft.
the results were stunning and hopefully i can get a photo of all of them wearing said shirts.
stay tuned for next weeks craft class...craft unknown!


  1. cute and i bet they loved taking home the shirt they made.

  2. Ok, seriously, I'm gonna look at flying to your class. Seriously.


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