spending hiatus 2010

joslyn is so good to remind us and lobotoME is playing along as are others.
wanna join in...put your spending on hiatus.
your casual spending, your "wants" not your "needs" kinda spending.
it's time...the hiatus is here.
last year i learned so much about myself and how careless my spending had become.
there are little areas it creeps in for me...a latte here and there, a new pair of patent flats that were a ridiculously low price, another pair of leggings for delia, a yard of fabric...NOW i will clutch tight to my pocketbook and save, save, save.
i/we are in need of nothing...the list of wants is long but the needs short.
lattes must be consumed socially and rarely, jude has a birthday so there will be a birthday gift or two other than that i will stay true to the challenge.
i plan to be on hiatus until my birthday...april 10.

do you want to join in? wanna play along?
please do.
jude is eating a homemade ice cream sandwich for an afterschool snack..yum-o.


  1. Back in Oct/08 we went on a "spending strike" to save for our new apt. at the time -- seems like SUCH a long time ago: http://desireefawn.blogspot.com/2008/10/spending-strike.html

  2. i've been on one of a sorts for a while now. i have my breakdowns, but mostly it's more needs than wants.

  3. Sounds like a great idea. I saw this on Simple Lovely.

  4. I'm ALMOST with you. I feel like I've been good at not spending (accept for today where I totally broke down and treated myself). I'm going to try to do this...I think it's so important to think of needs rather than wants


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