spending hiatus 2010 update

i am trying.
really, i am.
however, i did buy a couple of unnecessary things.
one very cheap cardigan for me and 4 books for the kids.
good books...like about anne frank and the environment.
but all unnecessary.
i chalk it up to still being sick, weak and not in the right strong frame of mind.
the whole purpose of the spending hiatus is to stop spending but ALSO to pay attention to what money is spent on.
oh, john & i also went to a movie on the weekend.
but that was a date.
nope, no guilt.
simply an update.
now, if you don't mind, i am not going to spend any money today.
instead, i am curling up under a blanket and resting this head cold away while watching "the secret life of bees".
yes, it is a hard life but somebody's got to live it.
hack, hack, sputter, cough, gag, cough.
i am also drinking hot water by the mug full like a little old lady.


  1. everyone falls off track at some point. you've been doing really well, glad you are back on track.
    Lovely pics of the jam. Did you take it? Are they your jams?

  2. Girl lets trade stuff...free for me and you.

    That way we can "shop" without guilt!

    Call me when you are better!

  3. I love drinking hot water, even when I'm not sick. I guess I'm old at heart. :) For the record, I drink more coffee than hot water.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day - get well!

  5. the post about you and lover going to the cafe is a classic!!!! i love you girl! xoxox

  6. When I go through a frugal stint I always get out and reread the book Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. It's full of inspiration! Your local library probably has a copy :)


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