scones and budgets and such

last week the grocery budget ran in at $79 and so far this week $94.
i think it is best if i go by a monthly budget since each week fluctuates so much.
the whole point is to watch where the grocery money goes and to see if we can still eat well while saving money...turns out we can.
some of the meals this week have been leftovers and eggs but who is complaining about that.
food prepared, consumed and enjoyed in the past two weeks:
lentil soup recipe from cooks illustrated.
buckwheat scones recipe here at lovelymorning.
lasagna recipe made up as i went.
teriyaki chicken with roasted cauliflower & rice.
creamy pasta with peas

we ate out a couple of times...lunch at the hardware store, luncheon at church, chinese takeout with grandma i and such....some meals were madness...nitpicking day and today.
pretty good food, no one starved and lots of leftovers.
see i can cook for my family without spending a ton.
the next couple days are a wash as the kids are having a staycation with friends & family and john & i are busy at a conference for the next 3 days...and lucy is on holiday with her bff too. nice.

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  1. i've gotten so i plan leftovers in my meal planning so i can stretch my budget to include work lunches.


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