scenes from a better day

at church on sunday there was a luncheon and photo studio set up.
thanks ladies for a great afternoon.

here are a couple of our out takes.
lucy spotted another dog across the room.

and no, our dog lucy does not usually go to church with us unless we are planning to be gone from home all day...then she joins us...waits in the car or chills in the mini fenced backyard at church.
lucky dog.
just some funny photos.
thank you for your comments & emails about the previous post.
really, i love being a mom and wife and would not trade this life in for any other, just not all my days are sunny and warm...sometimes they are long and frustrating...sometimes i feel a bit low and you know what...that is ok. i am ok.


  1. those are just adorable!!! i love these shots as opposed to the typical church directory shot where everyone is in the same pose.

    such a cute idea

  2. took me waaaaay too long to figure out those were your kids in the "frames" on the wall. Diaper brains, I guess.

  3. I LOVE the one of Lucy pulling you it looks like a magazine or out of a movie! very nice!

  4. These are so cute. I've never seen a set up like this.

  5. Okay,so did you bring along the garland and the text as well? g

  6. These are awesome!!!! Especially the first one!


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