random bits of awesomeness

the bookbook for a imac...brilliant, now all i need is a macbook and a bookbook.
i love it...crazy but true.

how about this totally awesome rolling pin with a calendar on it spotted at blackeiffel.

diy cough drops ...clever...i want to try this. check it out at instructables.

mama merit badges...perfect for every mom in your life.
other bits of awesome:
what i am serving for dessert tonight at our mini dinner party,
a new to me blog, yellowgoat,
my friend susannah's brush with fame,
a wonderful bit birthday inspiration at creaturecomforts.
happy saturday morning...enjoy the linkorama.

i know some of these images and ideas have been floating around the www but i thought i'd share them here anyways....i can't recall where i first saw them but all the photos are from the corresponding websites.

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  1. what ? DIY cough drops? how cool is that! i may have to blog that if you do not mind! that is awesome! your guy is a cutie pie! that gal is a sweet heart! awesome blog!!!


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