one up on jcrew

isn't this necklace lovely?
photo from jcrew.com
when i was on a not buying shopping trip i saw these at jcrew.
oh, so pretty.

so instead I bought glass beads at michaels for 2.99 and used ribbon i had on hand.

jcrew used acrylic beads and silk thread.

i used glass beads and some sort of polyester ribbon.

one necklace, two bracelets.

i've got one up on jcrew.

a total knock-off.


  1. Love it, love the color, love knock-offs.

  2. Woo-hoo! Love your version! Doesn't it feel so good to make something yourself and save a bunch of moolah?! Well done!

  3. I so often see things and thing- seriously, I could just make that...but then I never do! I love how yours turned out - plus you got a necklace AND bracelet out of the deal :)


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