they say if you want to hear God laugh then tell Him your plans.
i think i heard a chuckle today.
you see today i had big plans:
volunteer at the school library, work at the hardware store, make sugar cookies, teach a craft class, update my shoppe, catch up on blogs and so on.
you get the idea right?

here is my day in reality:
share bed with sick husband, wake up to discover kids have lice,
panic, keep kids home from school, call friend in panic, panic more, forget to show up at school library, throw a load of bedding in the washer, go to walgreens to pick up lice treatments, obsess, come home to discover the cat has vomited in 3 different places, start 2nd load of laundry, begin lice treatment on son, continue with daughter, strip another bed and start another load...oh, did i mention that my dryer has a high pitch squeal so the wet laundry is piling up in the kitchen for a trip to the laundry mat, nitpick jude's hair, shave jude's head, rinse said head, another load, soak all hair products & brushes, nitpick delia's head, deal (or not deal) with tears, rinse, nitpick some more, get kids snack, obsess, nitpick, vacuum, laundry,
and so on and so on.
now we are off to the laundromat with about 8 loads of wet laundry and the slipcover to the sofa.
the life of a mother is so glamorous.
now can someone please get me a double shot latte.
don't you wish you could live my extraordinary life?


  1. Oh gross... sorry your day sounds worse than mine yesterday with a vomiting child. Cheer up - I owe you a latte.

  2. I know it's not funny. But you made it funny. I'd buy you a latte too, if I could! xo

  3. Now you can imagine why when my kids had lice, I not only shaved my son's hair, but also MY OWN! (yup, seriously) My friend wouldn't let me shave my daughter's, but I would've. Oh, yes, I remind her she owes Aunt Deanna her hair!
    p.s. I feel your pain.
    p.p.s. And as a preventative, spray a splash of hairspray or gel on your kiddies before school. Lice don't like hair products.

  4. now i have it...lovely...bring on the glamour!

  5. oh goodness, you need more than a latter my friend!

  6. Oh no! We have lice going around at my son's school too. Not fun just thinking about it. I don't even know how you'd get rid of it but I guess you've done your research. Good luck - hang in there!

  7. Uggh I am so sorry Nicole - not fun! There is always tomorrow!

  8. Oh my goodness you poor girl!! Huge hugs for that sucky day! I had to deal with a similar situation with 3 kids when I was a single mom....so not fun! I wanted to sit on the floor and cry. I will pray that things get better your way. xo

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  10. First- I love that quote...if you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans.
    But really, I wish I could be the one to bring you that double shot latte. Poor mama! Sounds like a crazy crazy day. I hope today is a bit more calm...and no more lice- ewwww!

  11. that just sounds awful. lice are one my nightmare situations. hope that is the worst of it. (great quote btw.) the bright side? by the end of the day - you'll have all clean linens.

  12. oh wait - just saw your comment. you had it too? okay that is definitely the worst of it.

  13. OMG Nicole. That day goes down in the Chronicles of Motherhood.

    The best thing about a day like that is that it came to an end!



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