my love

my love.
this week, he stopped to pick me up a macaron and salted caramels at miette, he knows i love them...it cost him $73 in a parking ticket.
this week, he poured me an amaretto on the rocks after a very long day of nitpicking.
this week, he took the kids to buy a flowers for me...a pink hydrangea plant because he knows roses are not my favorite (and a bit cliche)
this week, he helped me remake all the beds 3 times.
this week, he cheerfully ate less-than-dazzling meals.
this week, he put coffee in my mug and gave himself the dregs.
this week, he let me sleep a wee bit longer even though he was sick.
love is not always the grand gestures but the everyday details.

i love you all the way back to the days of mixed tapes, pony tails and long distance phone calls.
thank you for the many sacrifices you make for me and our family.


  1. Oh, I love this post! It really is all the little things which add up to so much love.

    Happy Valentine's!

  2. Exactly what you said! It's not always grand gestures but instead the beautiful little things. Happy Valentines!

  3. what a sweetheart. I always knew he was... :)


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