are you happy?

do you think about happiness?

recently i read the book "the geography of bliss" and watched the documentary "this emotional life" and then i read joslyn's post on happiness.
happiness, like love, seems to be all around us.
but still the question remains, are you happy?
what makes you happy?
think about and go write a list or leave a comment with your list or something.
here is my short list: my family aside:

cherry blossoms
unexpected long distance phone calls
letterpress stationary
fog rolling through the golden gate bridge
lattes made with extra creamy full fat milk
creating something with my hands
sunbeams across hardwood floors
a perfectly made macaroon
anne of green gables (the book)
sea glass
moments of quiet in my home
clean bedding
deep tubs
short painted nails
hiking in the hills
finding the perfect verse for the moment
warm grapefruit picked from the tree
mail that is not junk nor bills
assam tea with milk
reading novels uninterrupted.
this is an ever changing short list;
swayed by emotion and circumstance because ultimately my happiness comes from above and the attitude of my heart.
this shortlist is a mere sample.


  1. I'll play along and type just a few that come to my mind right away.

    -seaside cottage decor
    -crocheting for friends babies
    -friends babies
    -accomplishing things/finished projects
    -seeing random people in public that are in love

  2. I love rainy days, roaring fires, red shoes, my son's laughter and his yummy smell, making things with my hands, being creative, helping others, feeding others, warm cookies and milk, happy spaces, pizza, reading. I could go on and on, but I guess I should stop!

    Thanks for having an awesome blog!


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