getting the valentine groove goin'

this the month of love, or so they say.
really isn't every month the month of love?
i should be.
i scaled way back on decor this year...simple is better.
just enough to feel the love.

just enough crafting to be part of the fun...
prepping for the kid craft class...wahoo, it starts thursday and we are starting with felt & hearts & embroidery floss...should be fun...i'll let you know.
also this months "garland of the month club" garlands are in the works and will be mailed on thursday...
ahem, mini commercial...it's not too late to sign up!

how's your valentine groove...do ya have it goin' on?
side note:
oh, can someone please explain lady gaga to me...finally after hearing so much about her, i did a bit of research of the web...am i missing something?
maybe the crazier you are the more popular you are.
hmmm, food for thought.


  1. oh, i love the red heart cards. my kinda decorating!

  2. the card idea is brilliant, I think I'll have to implement that over here!!

  3. i agree - it's her gimmack, i like the first "just dance" song but that's about it.

    love your decorations

  4. i think i'm going to start cutting out hearts today. Also, I'm dying for some embroidery floss. you wouldn't happen to know where to get some in abu dhabi, would you?


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