craft class recap

above were the projects i sampled and introduced and taught.
the stuffed heart pin from a tutorial at purlbee and the embroidered/appliqué heart adapted from our hartbeat....annelea used burlap for a display and my idea was to make napkins (from target) for lunchboxes.
in reality, after a quick snack of applecake we only were able to complete the stuffed pins.

the class consisted of 2 boys and 5 girls.
3 kids had working knowledge of stitching, but the biggest obstacle was keeping the embroidery thread in the needle.

everyone made at least one heart pin, a couple kids made more than one, some supplies were taken home, a mom joined in when she came for pick up and my kids were waaaaaaay to wild...something like crazed party children without the sugar kick. ack.

the experience was so fun and i learned a lot about myself...like i am much more patient with other people's children and i also learned to "roll with it" ... the joy is in the journey or experience.
the kids had a great time and next week we will buckle down immediately...1 1/2 hours disappears way too fast.
next class: mini silhouette paintings and napkins for the lunchbox.


  1. funny...I think I'm more patient with other people's kids too! love the pins.

  2. what fun! the pins are tres cute. i like the idea of lunch napkins too.
    a tip for the needle staying threaded - use double the length of thread and tie both ends together after slipping through the eye.

  3. So cute! I hope to be half as crafty as you are with Amelia...otherwise, we'll come for some playdates at your house! :)

  4. i love your blog! you know what.. we are so similar it is creepy! i made darling garlands just like that for christmas... i think i may have posted them on my blog, and then today, i kitted up scrapbooking supplies for a class in a donut box...and had to use embroidery floss cause i was out of my BAKERS TWINE!!! then i see your shoppe....huge bakers twine! is that crazy or what? after all these years! xoxox ps::: i need a bolt of each of your twine! how much for a whole whack of it??? lol

  5. so cute! wish we lived closer and could craft with kids together! what a fab idea!


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