the cookies

mini cookies for the school party.

i made frosting to make cookie sandwiches.

a little cream cheese, buttercream and smooshed raspberries

(for the color since i am anti-food dye)

pretty little cookies.

tasty too.

sadly, most of the kids at the school preferred store bought smothered in food dye commercially prepared cookies.

just can't win them all...more cookies for me.

i have a ton of frosting leftover so if you need some and you live near me i can deliver frosting to you!


  1. they are silly. i would eat them all up. yum yum yum

  2. oh they are so sweet. i sometimes use raspberry jam to flavour and colour my icing.

  3. What do kids know anyways. I'd take some frosting but sadly we've already eaten our heart cookies. Freeze it!

  4. lets see....I want these cookies and ummm, I'd like the knock off jewelry, too....

    okay....fine, I'll go make my own :)

  5. love them!! and raspberry - so wonderful

  6. i have no right to be craving more goodies after today, but now i want raspberry cream filled cookies. mmmm.


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