yep, i'm talking about food again!!
is it naughty to eat a bowl of ice cream for a mid morning snack?
i hope not because i just did.
happy monday!

let's start the week off with a few links:
gluten-free girl has an interesting post about eating on $18/day. go read it.
i found a lovely new blog called designdelights. check it out.
the uphappy hipsters phenomenon cracks me up. go to it.

other news:
garland-of-month-club garlands will ship at the end of this week if not sooner.
it is not too late to sign up...3 mth subscriptions are also available in the shoppe.

i am starting a kids crafting class at my house on thursdays after-school, if you live in the area and want your child to join in the fun email me and let me know.
first session special pricing, only $60/ 6 weeks (1.5 hr classes). all supplies included.


  1. what sweet idea to have the craft classes. makes me wish my niece was nearby as she loves to make crafts.

  2. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for linking to my blog today and for visiting. I love your garlands. I'll be back soon to visit and read more.

  3. too bad return tickets from canada weren't included, or my kids would be there every week! sigh.....

  4. Depends on what your description of "naughty" is. At least that bowl of ice cream has more health benefits than half a bag of Dove valentine chocolates (something I would never eat for a mid-morning snack while my kids were otherwise occupied-HA). I hope that you get a lot of students for your craft class! I really miss living somewhere where I can take my kids to art and science and PE classes!


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