last week i spent $84 in groceries and we ate well.
in reality $84 is a false number because some of the meals were made with food purchased the week prior and from pantry staples, nonetheless we ate delicious food and everyone was happy.

here is the break down:

sun: potluck at church...our contribution was a big spinach salad with bacon, and caramelized mushrooms and a homemade mustard vinaigrette.
mon: texas hash with double rice. a childhood classic of john's. recipe here
tues: vegetable risotto served with leftover chicken. recipe at chowmama
wed: kids choice...tomato soup (from a tetrapak) and sourdough toast.
thurs: pasta with broccolini, spinach and crumbled sweet italian chicken sausage; also served with a side of chanterelle mushrooms (another foraged gift)
fri: "cafe" style of leftovers for the kids, john had a tgif and i went to a southern living party.
sat: we hosted our friends and served martha's mac'n'cheese with added spinach and a big salad.
other treats: apple crisp. apple cake. ice cream sandwiches. i found 3 lb bag of apples for $3 thus the many apple treats.
stay tuned for this week...so far we went to a superbowl party and last night the kids wanted baked beans and cottage cheese...a classic childhood meal from my childhood.

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