a toss up

2 terrific breakfast or lunch options.
can't decide which i prefer.

almond butter with banana slices or bread pudding?
do you have favorites?


  1. between those is definitely the bread pudding

    but i do love an scrambled egg sandwich on an toasted english muffin.

  2. Oh yum. Love English muffins and bananas. Don't know if it's my potassium cravings...but I'm leaning towards that option!

  3. Mmmmm...bread pudding. Savory bread pudding, sweet bread pudding, breakfast breadpudding, bread pudding in individual muffin-sized servings. Yep, my vote is for bread pudding. I have some excess sourdough waiting to become bread pudding right now. Yum!

  4. obviously i have bread pudding loving followers! i just received the tartine bakery cookbook with a recipe for their famous killer brioche bread pudding...which i will make one of theses days.


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