piano recital...yesterday.

judes recital from nicole iwawaki on Vimeo.

dels recital from nicole iwawaki on Vimeo.


  1. Awesome!!! Wow!!! I can't believe how great Jude and Dels are on the piano. Keep it up - all those lessons and all that practicing is paying off.

    Loved our lunch today, Nicole. Hope the rest of your day went great.

    Love, aunt kitty

  2. Very good you guys!! Love that you play songs everyone knows. My organ teacher always had these songs from who knows where!! I did do Ode to Joy for one of my recitals too Jude and I liked it so much I ended up walking down the aisle to it!!

  3. Those videos are awesome! They did a great job, duets are hard! Whoo hoo!


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