the perfect after-school snack

a gas stovetop
pot with lid
popcorn kernels
olive oil
pop. pop. pop.

add salt
add 2 kids
add hot cocoa
share. share. share.
food is always on my mind.
i am so not happy with the way the i look or feel.
i think about food all the time.
all the time.
if only i could think about exercising as much.
oh, i think about exercise.
but wait, i started doing 5 push ups and 5 jumping jacks a day.
funny, huh.
i read an article in O magazine about a woman who set out to change her life by changing 2 things...one of which was doing 5 jumping jacks a day.
it helped her.
i am also jotting down 5 things i am grateful for everyday.
maybe 5 is my number for 2010.
the way i see it is 5 leads to 10 and 10 to 20 and so on.
oh, blather. blather. blather.


  1. i like multiples of 5 too...but usually it's things that are bad for me. LOL

    'real' popped corn is just so yummy

  2. I like your approach. Small changes...mmmmm...genius!

  3. Nicole,

    YOU can DO it! I have been on a no carb diet for the last month and although it is a KILLER at times, I feel really good about myself. If you ever want to go down that tough road, you've got a partner in crime. Girl, we are too young to not be wearing bikinis this summer! Reclaim that hottie body!

    Hugs and kisses,

  4. I, personally, am a big fan of the number 5. :)

  5. i read that same article! and thought dubiously, really?! maybe i should try it. i was so sad to be homebound and not 4th st bound the other day. my poor mom felt awful when she sheepishly returned with my keys that night. the upside: i cleaned like a madwoman, skyped with my sis-in-law overseas and got loads done. but still, accomplishment is lame compared with food & friends.

  6. this is a good idea. except i hate pushups. and sit ups.

  7. Push ups are awesome! So is the word blather :)

  8. 5 is a good place to start for me...check back in 21 days...thanks for your support everyone!

  9. I only make stove popped popcorn. There is no way you can go back after you have had it the right way!!!
    I make mine with Coconut Oil, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The Coconut Oil gives it a tad of sweetness coupled with the salt!


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