peets, tamales, gocco

look at these fabulous cards (gocco) given to me today by my friend...
and it is her birthday not mine!
She is uber talented and creative...she even has her art in a show and she is a busy wife/mama...amazing.

of course we had lunch together, chatted together, dreamed a bit, talked about our deaf daughters and then she treated me to peets.
I was spoiled for no good reason.
thank you susannah.
sorry little m. was a wee bit grumpy in this photo shoot!

yep, this is the tamale i ate for lunch!
see i do talk about food all the time.

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  1. i had SO much fun. good to share lunch. later that afternoon monrovia's temp shot up to 104.5!!!!! (hence her under the weatherness all day) turns out she has double ear infections. awesome. at leats there was a reason for her crabbiness! her new favorite is the garland- she keeps pointing and saying, "wow!"


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