love in a box

love in a box.
more than just a thought.
hand delivered by a friend from my favorite bakery in the city.
of course i shared with the kids.
wasted on their youth.
wasted on my waist.
not really on both accounts.
miette...o how i love thy cupcakes and macarons and chocolate goodies.


  1. mmmm miette. i love their lime tartlets! yes, on for wed...11:45 outside tacubaya?

  2. thanks so much for popping by. miette wasn't yet open when we lived in sf, so i can't wait to give it a try next time we are back down.

  3. I think they are doing ok! It took about 3 months for him to stop mentioning cousins and grandparents, and for my heart to stop ripping each time he said it, but now we skype and life moves on. it's good.


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